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    Question Remove OS X

    I am getting a new MacBook Air and want to completely replace OS X with Ubuntu. I mean, the hardware of the air but the OS of the free. How would I go about installing 12.04 (or 13.04 if I don't get it 'til then) and removing OS X. The only way I have seen is to dual boot, which I really wanna avoid doing. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Remove OS X

    The general advice is to at least keep a small OS X partition around for the days when Apple releases a firmware update for your machine. That said, the installer for Ubuntu does give you the option to erase OS X and make Ubuntu the sole operating system.

    Before you do that, download the OS X Recovery Disk Assistant and make yourself an emergency OS X recovery USB. You never know when you might need one.

    Have fun!


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