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Thread: mini keyboard for meerkat

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    mini keyboard for meerkat

    I am looking for a mini usb keyboard for my Ment2 Meerkat. I bought a Genius LuxeMate i200 but the shift key does not work for me. I think that it's a Windows keyboard only because the pkg says "plug & play". Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable and well built mini keyboard that would work with the Meerkat?

    Thank you.

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    Re: mini keyboard for meerkat

    When something says "pug and play", it really means plug it in and hack it until you make is something that works with Linux. But for mini keyboards, try looking at Logitech, some of there keyboards should work without drivers.

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    Re: mini keyboard for meerkat

    Most keyboard will work fine without any setup or drivers. They're all standardized. Logitech makes some great keyboards. We offer them with our desktops.

    I recommend a K750 for just about anybody except those needing backlighting. The solar is fantastic.
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