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Thread: change "aero snap" guide color

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    change "aero snap" guide color

    Hi to all.

    I admitt my question may be already solved, or have an easy solution, but I've failed searching for it, as I don't know what terms do I have to use to search it

    I've configured my kde desktop and I'm very happy with it, but, when doing the "aero snap" thing, the transparent "guide" it creates to show you how the window shape will be has become white and almost invisible.
    Where's the option to change it?
    I've made a lot of searches both in English and Spanish and changed some values in the settings with no joy. Again, is very probable I just don't know how this setting is called.

    I put a photo to show you what do I want to change. In the photo the guide is clearly seen because is against a dark background, but when in front of, let's say, the browser, becomes almost invisible.

    Thanks in advance
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