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Thread: Adding TCP Illinois to the kernel

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    Adding TCP Illinois to the kernel


    I am exploring TCP Congestion Control algorithms and I want to add TCP Illinois to my kernel so I can test it.

    Any idea how? I have never compiled kernel or added custom module. I use Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.x.x.

    Here is the source for TCP Illinois and others,


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    Re: Adding TCP Illinois to the kernel

    First issue is that the source code is for kernel 2.6.31, so one would expect breakage trying to use this module with a newer kernel. Either find an older version of Ubuntu to install or do some more digging to find a similar package for the 12.04 kernel.

    I found this package under 12.10 (which is what I'm running) and it may be related to what you are trying to accomplish.

    kernel-patch-wrr - Extension to traffic Control/network bandwidth management

    There is an Ubuntu wiki (sorry I don't have the link handy) for configuring and compiling your own kernel. It's not difficult, but it takes 2 to 3 hours. When you are done, you may or may not have a working kernel, but it's an interesting process to go through.

    As far as compiling, you download the code to a local working directory:

     sudo apt-get install build-essential 
    sudo make install
    You may have to install header files and some development files, the configuration will alert you what is missing.

    In this case, you are replacing an existing ipv4 driver with a new driver with traffic control capabilities. I don't know enough about this ipv4 driver to know what kernel switches are needed--I assume Kconfig will list them in the kernel configurator.

    But I would first do some more digging in the existing 12.04 distribution to see if there are some ready-made packages that you can install without a kernel recompile.

    If this is for home-use, Quality-of-Service, then you might be better served buying a supported router and installing wrt-dd firmware and using the QoS capabilities of the router than dedicating a PC for routing.

    Google is your friend:
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