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Thread: Techwell 2864 DVR Card

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    Techwell 2864 DVR Card

    I'm unable to get my Techwell 2864 DVR card to work. More specifically, I can't even get my system to boot with the card installed.

    Without the card in the system, everything boots fine. When I put the card in the system, I get the following errors as booting.

    Begin: running /scripts/init-bottom ...[1.928180] firewite_core:created device done. 
    [66.856] info rcu_sched detected stalls CPU/tasks: 
    Process modprobe (pid:516,ti=f67f8000 task=f34d0000
    Then a bunch of stack:
    Call trace:
    Code:c1 5d ...........
    That's where it hangs.

    I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04.

    Any ideas on how to get this working?

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