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Thread: 12.04 - hdmi switch causes laptop to log out

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    12.04 - hdmi switch causes laptop to log out

    I have an acer 6935 with ubuntu 12.04, Connected to an external LG monitor via hdmi out, through a hdmi switch (In order to have ps3 by hdmi too, without moving cables). I can get ubuntu to detect and display to the monitor just fine, through nvidia settings, but when I press the button to switch to the ps3 display, ubuntu logs out, shutting down any running programs.

    Windows on my laptop when I press the button, will revert to the laptop display only, and not kill any programs. Can anyone help me find out why this is happening?
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    Re: 12.04 - hdmi switch causes laptop to log out

    bump! I have this exact issue. amiacamal, did were you able to trace this down to cause?


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