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Thread: Google Calendar Remind Script

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    Question Google Calendar Remind Script

    Hi Folks,

    I want to have my Google calendar events displayed in a popup window every so often.

    I have a script that works in the terminal.
    wget to my calendar/basic.ics
    cat /home/grouchygaijin/basic.ics | > ~/.ical2rem
    rm /home/grouchygijin/*.ics
    (rg is just another script I have that calls a popup window for my remind file.)

    The problem is that if I try to run this script as a cron job (gnome schedule) it chokes when it gets to the part to pipe the basic.ics to

    Any idea why this will work if I type the name of the script in the terminal but not work if I try to schedule the script to run automatically?

    I figured it out. I needed to give the full path the the script.
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    Thank you,
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