Hey Guys,

My PanP9 works pretty well, except a hardware failure in the SD card that makes it worthless and a mute button that when pressed caused the sound to switch between muted and unmuted rapidly, non-stop.

When this happens the keyboard stops functioning and only the mouse works. After about 5 or 6 seconds even the mouse stops working and the only fix is to either log out and back in, or restart.

At first it was only bad when an application was running, but now it happens no matter what. Incidently, using the mouse to click the sound icon and mute/unmute the sound works fine. It appears to be entirely related to the keyboard. Not sure if it matters, but when i first got the PanP9 and installed Xubuntu 12.04 LTS the num lock wasn't on when the computer booted up, now it is. This num lock issue and the mute button (func+F3) not working at all times started when I downloaded and installed the System76 PanP9 drivers from their website.

Any thoughts?

Given my experience so far, I am not sure I would buy from System76 again. If the quality of the laptops goes up though I would.