I've got a dual boot OSX & straight Deb Wheezy running on my G4 iBook and I originally set the partition at 6GB for the Debian side--I keep getting "not enough disc space to do upgrade" error windows. So, I've been thinking about getting set up to erase the whole disc and expand the partition to perhaps 10 GB and dual boot OSX & Lubuntu--which I also did on my old iMac (iMac is kernel panicing itself into the big sleep and is more or less out of service). So, I have the 12.04 ppc .iso already but I thought since 12.10 is "newer" to try it out so I burned it today and tried to boot the iBook with it, I get to the splash window and when the dmesg?? stuff runs it ends with "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed" . . . . I restarted several times and tried a few boot commands . . . but basically could not get into the desktop. Yesterday I had no problem booting the 12.04 Live DVD, and usually in the past the iBook could boot most of the various Debian systems I've tried, but the iMac was a real problem to get anything to run on. Is 12.10 too advanced to use on the 933MHz 656 MB RAM G4 iBook (dualUSB)???? And, could the 12.04 Lubuntu system be squeezed into the 6GB or would I need to expand it?

Many thanks,