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Thread: Problem with TechniSat & Unicable dish

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    Problem with TechniSat & Unicable dish


    it's been a long time I did write something in the forum, but now I need help to make my new Mythbuntu working well.
    I have an Asus Revo with a DVB-T working well. The problem is the DVB-S2 usb card: TechniSat Skystar Usb Hd. The system recognizes it, but as I have an Unicable / Scr dish, the card doen't recognizes it, neither MythTv lets me install the card.
    I found this ticket:
    but I'm not able to apply the patch, neither working with git.
    This seems the only way making the unicable system working on Mythbuntu.
    Someone can tell me how to apply that ticket on my system?


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    Re: Problem with TechniSat & Unicable dish

    Any success?

    I'm on my way to do the same with my Skystar2 PCI and a unicable dish.
    Did it work for you eventually?

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