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Thread: Unity 'A' for apps , is very kewl and effervescent icon

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    Unity 'A' for apps , is very kewl and effervescent icon

    I am just making notice that some of the new icons are comming up during updates, ie; the 'A' for applications in the dash and the new 'swirly-vortex' on the starter panel.

    Nice work .. a job well done by the artisan Ubuntu devs.
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    Re: Unity 'A' for apps , is very kewl and effervescent icon

    I have just switched on and noticed that. There is also a nice video at showing recent improvements.

    I have also changed to the Nvidia driver (tested) and it works fine and Details says I have a Geforce GT 220/PcIe/SSE2. Which is more accurate than the previous declaration that I had a GT 210. I will now have to switch back to Nouveau to see if it still says Gallium NVA5.

    I like seeing the distribution develop over time. Yes, Well done the artisan Ubuntu devs.
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