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Thread: How to burn .iso files to DVD properly

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    Angry How to burn .iso files to DVD properly

    I was going to start a thread about this on my own.

    For the first time, last night, I tried to burn a DVD in Ubuntu. I had done it dozens upon dozens of times in Windows (this was a few years back) but really haven't done any of it until blu-ray became popular.

    I had an .mkv file on my computer which I wanted to put to DVD. I converted it using DeVeDe (if I remember correctly) and it went to .iso format.

    Brasero was giving me trouble for some reason, but somebody recommended K3b so I installed it.

    Everything went essentially fine, the file was about 3gb 572p, I made a nice menu, burned off the disk as an .iso and took it upstairs.

    I popped it in my parent's blu-ray player and it would not take, it just gave me an improper disk error or some such. I tried it on the Wii, same deal. Finally I tried it on the 360 and while it 'worked' the video file was choppy (I imagine this was a problem with some settings on the file conversion to .iso).

    My question, because I've been out of the game so long, is--is there anything special one must do to to play an .mk3 on a bluray player? Should I have just burned the .mk3 rather than convert to .iso?

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    Re: How to burn .iso files to DVD properly

    Welcome to the forum.

    I've moved your question to its own thread, as the answer to your question might turn out quite different.

    Once you've created an ISO file, you need to use the "burn as disk image" option of your chosen disk burning software, otherwise your player might not know what to do with the disk.

    Some information on burning ISO files to disk can be found here:
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    Re: How to burn .iso files to DVD properly

    Thanks, Lisati.

    It may well have been the problem that I didn't burn as image, I likely forgot. I'll give it a whirl tonight and see if this is resolved.



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