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Thread: LTSP vs Windows Terminal Server

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    LTSP vs Windows Terminal Server

    I had an interesting conversation with one of our younger admins, this is another Linux vs Windows discussion. We were talking about Terminal servers for support tasks of some of our customers when he told me that Linux wont give you the same functionality or configuration?? I popped off ok maybe with gaming but we're talking business here and as we primarily use Linux anyway why not keep continuity?
    Linux has proven to be the most reliable OS in our entire company based on the simple fact that the majority of all IT trouble calls are of course user related, training, or Windows errors. All servers, DNS, Web, VPN, Firewalls simply run(Linux)without issue. Now having said all this and the fact that I have little experience with LTSP or a Windows Equivalent except to use the latter(PIA). Can anyone with experience with both systems possibly give me an honest Pro's/Con's to both systems.
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    Re: LTSP vs Windows Terminal Server

    LTSP have proven to be extremely reliable because tampering and viruses are virtually non-existent.

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    Re: LTSP vs Windows Terminal Server

    I think the remote programs you are trying to run may exclude LTSP if they are MS Windows only programs.
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