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Thread: Mounted drive fine, but strange UUID in file list

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    Question Mounted drive fine, but strange UUID in file list

    I was following this advice here exactly.
    After I got the UUID of the second partition on the second drive using sudo blkid, I added it to fstab like this..(substituting my UUID here).

    UUID=MYID UUID...  /media/MYID UUID...   ext4     errors=remount-ro,auto,exec,rw,user 0       0
    The drive mounts fine, but at the top in the title bar my UUID shows rather than the volume lable and I'm also seeing another.. what looks like a drive in the places list with a long name, which happens to be the identical name of the UUID. I'm also not able to create a folder. I get permission denied. Yet I can mount the first NTFS partition on this second SATA drive. I'm not sure where I went wrong. I also tried removing the commas from the permissions section at the far right using just spaces instead. Made no difference. Shouldn't user 0 0 give anyone rw permission?

    The lyout of the 2nd SATA drive is:
    sdb1 NTFS
    sdb2 EXT4 (partition being mounted)
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