Hi all, I have a Toshiba Satellite running Xubuntu 12.10 x86_64. Yesterday I went to install the fglrx package using APT (without realizing it was a bad idea), rebooted, and the X server didn't want to start up; here's the error log:

Loading extension GLX
(WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@0:1:1) found
SetVBEMode failed

Fatal server error:
no screens found
Please consult The X.Org Foundation support
        at http://wiki.x.org
 for help.
Server terminated with error (1). Closing log file.
xinit: giving up
xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused
xinit: server error
/var/log/Xorg.0.log: http://ompldr.org/vaDFnbw

So I then disabled the extension (by running "sudo jockey-text -d kmod:fglrx") and uninstalled it.

After asking on Ask Ubuntu, I was told to install fglrx manually, so I went ahead and tried to install it by following the instructions in this post, however during installation, the installer is unable to build the DKMS module. Here's logs:

Created directory fglrx-install.rUnXwA
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver-8.98...
 AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver Installer/Packager 
Detected configuration:
Architecture: x86_64 (64-bit)
X Server: X.Org 6.9 or later 64-bit
loki_setup: directory: (null)
DKMS part of installation failed.  Please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details
Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.rUnXwA
And /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log:

Check if system has the tools required for installation.
fglrx installation is being forced. Installation will proceed without the required tools on the system.
Uninstalling any previously installed drivers.

Creating symlink /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.98/source ->

DKMS: add completed.

Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel.  Skipping...

Building module:
cleaning build area....
cd /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.98/build; sh make.sh --nohints --uname_r=3.5.0-21-generic --norootcheck....(bad exit status: 1)
[Error] Kernel Module : Failed to build fglrx-8.98 with DKMS
[Error] Kernel Module : Removing fglrx-8.98 from DKMS

Deleting module version: 8.98
completely from the DKMS tree.
Anyone know how I can fix this so I can install fglrx? Thanks!