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Thread: Grub Rescue Shell, Ubuntu partition deleted

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    Re: Grub Rescue Shell, Ubuntu partition deleted

    Hi kiyop,

    I don't believe there is anything that I need from the HDD, excluding perhaps the drivers (though I should be able to download these later).

    Now when I attempt to boot with Ubuntu-Secure-Remix I now find myself stuck each time with the following message for more than 20mins:

    [11.903564] xor: automatically using best checksuming function:

    Also when attempting to boot without a USB drive I'm presented with the 'No Operating system found' message which is completely new?

    I've invested quite a bit of time attempting to fix this netbook now, and think now that a fresh start would be the most painless option. Would you personally recommend that I wipe the harddrive completely first before reinstalling either windows xp/ubuntu?

    Thanks for the help
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