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Thread: Computer does not boot 1/2 the time

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    Computer does not boot 1/2 the time


    I recently installed a quantal on my T61 lenovo thinkpad. I previously had Windows 7 and an older version of ubuntu on the machine, but wiped both.

    The problem I have is this. After I shut down my machine, the next time I try to turn on, when the bootloader is supposed to come up (on a purple background), the purple background appears for about 2 sec, then dissapears, and the computer hangs on a black screen. However, when I do a hard shut down from that and start again - everything works!

    What would you recommend?

    Previous ubuntu installs (~2011) have not had these problems.

    Thank you


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    Re: Computer does not boot 1/2 the time

    You could try looking in your boot logs to see what happens?

    1: Win 7 - 2500k - 660ti - 8GB DDR3
    2: Xubuntu - 3570 - 650ti (2GB) - 12GB DDR3
    3: Win 8.1 - Q6600 - 9800 GTX+ - 8GB DDR2
    4: Arch - E7500 - 8800 GT - 6GB DDR2


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