Having recently switched to Linux (Ubuntu 12.10), I spent a while yesterday getting my video drivers working, with a certain amount of success. I successfully installed the latest Beta driver for my Ati Radeon HD 5xxx card and had everything running smoothly.

I tried running Team Fortress 2, and got an error, so I followed the instructions found on this page (http://askubuntu.com/questions/12429.../126513#126513) to reinstall my drivers 'properly'.

The game works now, but I am getting a weird glitch overlaying the desktop and applications. It looks like a flashing cursor, and every 10 seconds or so a small bunch of horizontal lines flash across the screen, seeming to move downwards and get thicker over time. The glitch is duplicated across my monitors.

I assume it must be something to do with one of the other libraries or something I installed, but I'm still fairly new to all this so am unsure where to start looking for a fix.

If more info is required, please let me know what, and how to find it!

All help appreciated. Thanks,