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Thread: After resume, screen scrambled on open fglrx driver

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    Question After resume, screen scrambled on open fglrx driver


    got new Full HD TV that my Ubuntu server/HTPC is connected to over HDMI. All works fine except when resuming from standby, the screen is completely scrambled.

    I installed the proprietary driver, and that one solves the screen problem, but produces another one, guess this , when the TV is turned off, Ubuntu doesn't receive any keyboard inputs, like volume up and down, or mute or any other.

    I have found a workaround for the problem with open driver. I go to another screen (Ctrl+Alt+F1), login with the same user, and when I return to the "normal" screen (Ctrl+Alt+F7), the screen is not scrambled any more.

    Otherwise, Ubuntu runs normally, VNC and SSH produce normal screens on other PCs.

    My system is Ubuntu 12.04, Cinnamon and Unity, resolution 1920x1080.

    I assume that solution
    1: would be to get proprietary driver not to block keyboard when TV is off
    2: would be to run some script that would do what login on another screen does
    3: open driver gets fixed

    Does anybody knows how to solve this? To have non scrambled screen with keyboard input when TV is out.

    EDIT: I discovered that the workaround explained above gets even simpler. Just switch screens, not need to log in. Crtl+Alt+F, Ctrl+Alt+F7

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