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Thread: What happened to all the mame-frontends?

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    What happened to all the mame-frontends?

    I'm building a cabinet for mame and have been checking out various frontends for it.

    The frontends in the repos (gmameui and gnomecab (I think it was called)) are both for desktop-use, not really cabinet-material.

    Wahcade hasn't been updated in 3 years, and the package download raises a lot of "bad quality"-flags when trying to install.

    Cabrio FE relies on old libraries (libavcodec-52 and libavutil-52).

    That only leaves AdvanceMenu which I have to compile myself.

    Do you guys know of any frontends for linux out there that would be good for a cab?
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    Re: What happened to all the mame-frontends?

    I was in the same boat a few weeks back. I settled on getting cabrio working. It's worth the effort in my opinion. The old libraries aren't hard to find and if you follow the install instructions it should work. I found that I had to use the git repo, not the source that is posted on the cabrio site. The cabrio google group has some good info on compiling as well. Good luck!

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    Re: What happened to all the mame-frontends?

    beeries where u find the cabrio old lib? compiling is very difficult.. the site provide the web but my ubuntu is 12.04 and deb askme for libavcodec52 (>= 4:0.6-1~)|libavcodec-extra-52 (>= 4:0.6-1~) where i findit?


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