OK, I'm on my third install of Ubuntu 12.10 in three days (on an AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 2 laptop) and I cannot get the graphics working. The default driver has terrible tearing and when I pull up 3-D games the tearing is worse (but at least they come up). When I try the proprietary drivers from Ubuntu the tearing is still there but now 3-D stuff does not work (I don't remember the error message now but I think it was something about GLX). When I tried the drivers from ATI then X would not start or when I finally managed to get it to start (don't remember how) all the same problems were there and 3-D did not work. Installing the beta driver from ATI caused the entire system to break -- could not login or switch consoles, anything, had to reinstall from scratch.

So, before doing all the same things again hoping something will work this time does anyone have some advice that will make it all work properly? Should I be using Ubuntu 12.04 instead? Any other Debian-based distro perhaps?