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Thread: Software Center - Impossible to download?

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    Angry Software Center - Impossible to download?

    Hi guys,
    I am trying to install apps (skype, wine applications, qgis, even suduko) through the software center but i keep getting this boxed message:

    "Requires installation of untrusted packages
    the action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources"

    options in box are:
    details, ok, repair

    details - tell me i.e. libqtwebkit4 (this was for skype install)
    repair - just makes the box disappear for a while, two arrows spin in the top bar next to the word progress ( 1 then 2 ) and it says installing...... then it comes back again with the same message
    ok - just stops the install and leaves the message "please install skype via your normal software channels. Only install this file if you trust its origin

    must admit to finding this mildly frustrating as i have tried with all sorts of apps ? its the same for all ???????

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    Re: Software Center - Impossible to download?

    It seems your problem is related to "Software sources". Check software sources to understand everything is alright. After opening Ubuntu Software Center click Edit > Software Sources. Software sources window will appear. Select all the check boxes in the "Downloadable from the Internet". Then click on the next tab "Other Software" also select all the check boxes here.

    After these procedures, try again to install the softwares you want and post the result here.

    Wishing best luck.

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    Re: Software Center - Impossible to download?

    Open a terminal and enter:

    sudo apt-get update
    And please post the results using code tags.

    code tags.png

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    Re: Software Center - Impossible to download?

    uzumakifahim - thanks did as you instructed and all seems fine so far, thanks

    ibjsb4 - now its working should i still enter
    sudo apt - get update ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Software Center - Impossible to download?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanahau View Post
    sudo apt - get update ?
    That command just updates the listings on your system pertaining to the latest software. It won't hurt if you do it, but I suspect others wanted you to do it simply because it sometimes can output information that would help solve the problem you were having.
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