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Thread: Few issues with Ubuntu especially with 5.1 system

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    Re: Few issues with Ubuntu especially with 5.1 system

    Just a quick note.
    Earlier in the thread you mention your sound max chip but as I understand it you are using a vm.

    You need to check the vm sound emulator (there are normally a couple of choices) and make sure that the driver you have installed is the emulated one and NOT the host one.

    Also the chosen emulated sound card has to be of course 5.1 compatible

    Should also say that I have found that the intel 'HD' sound driver can be a pain. Every time I have to rebuild something with Intel sound I go weak at the knees. HDMI out through nVidia by far easier and always seems to just work.

    In general I find the live cds very good at finding device drivers. In fact with servers ubuntu is easier to use than windows so keep persevering.
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