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Thread: "Missing Operating System" from USB Boot

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    Re: "Missing Operating System" from USB Boot

    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerDeluxe View Post
    That did the trick jtarin, thank you! Reformatted with that little program you gave me, re-mounted this time with 12.10 (I had tried that earlier with the same problem) but this time it worked swimmingly. Thank you guys so much, I look forward to tooling around with Ubuntu
    Good enough!!! Any additional formatting problems with this tool? Make sure you have the latest version......but if your version works......that's all you need.I have used this to recover many corrupted USB's.
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    Boot Info Script: How to
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    Re: "Missing Operating System" from USB Boot

    I have met problem of "Missing Operating System" on my Acer Windows 7 laptop. After tried many ways searched online, fortunately, the Windows Boot Genius from support me fix the error. Then pc runs normally without data loss.

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