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Thread: wubi installation 12.04 issues again please help

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    Cool wubi installation 12.04 issues again please help

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid post(and is probably posted elsewhere but I can't find it),hope I don't waste anyones time.But its actually why I've created this account. I love ubuntu, and am huge fan. But here is my conundrum so far. I'm installing via wubi because I want to make sure its going to work for me fully before I switch to it permanently. I first used 12.10, it was Horrible! I can not stress that enough. It was a different bug and glitch every single day. even where this tinkerer is concerned. I was Done. Then installed 12.04. It was beautiful! AMD graphics finally worked, got it all customized and wonderful, speedy and stable with zero issue.Now today after getting home I boot up. Ubuntu tweak freezes, whole system has to be manually turned off and now I cannot change my volume at all and my networking is completely disabled. No applet, my physical button says so too, and rfkill list doesnt bring back anything but errors. I'm green to Ubuntu.Please help me salvage this. I'm at my wits end. I'm tired and just need some help because apparently I'm missing something(probably simple and obvious knowing me) So again sorry for such an idiotic post and thank you for any help you might be able to give. You have my gratitude.

    Basically once I took a nap and was sane again I tried reinstalling network manager it told me to type in something like sudo dpkg -configure -a I think, and it works now. I feel stupid now. But hopefully someone will have some good come of my foolishness. If you have the same issue type sudo apt-get install network-manager --reinstall into your terminal.Then do what it says. Cheerio
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    Re: wubi installation 12.04 issues again please help

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