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Thread: Rhythmbox playlists and portable players

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    Lightbulb Rhythmbox playlists and portable players

    Ubuntu 12.04 Unity with Rhythmbox and Sansa Clip+ portable music player.

    How to use Rhythmbox playlists with Sansa Clip+

    1 Reformat and update Sansa Clip+
    Set Sansa Clip+ USB Mode to MSC.

    2 Mount and open Sansa Clip+ through Nautilus File Manager

    Create a .is_audio_player file on the device. You can set a few fields in this file to override the media-player-info device information like this:


    Unmount Sansa Clip+ from Nautilus File Manager

    3 Open Sansa Clip+ with Rhytmbox - choose and sync playlists you want.

    Using Sansa Clip+ select Music > Playlists
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