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Thread: Macbook Pro Duel Boot No Wireless Connections 12.10

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    Macbook Pro Duel Boot No Wireless Connections 12.10

    Hello there, before I get started I want to make it clear that I am very new to linux and ubuntu, I have much experience with computers in general, however, and I know enough not to be too stupid

    I recently duel booted my Late 2011 (I THINK) Macbook Pro to Ubuntu 12.10. I was successful in partitioning, installation, etc. and everything works fantastic, except for one major problem. No wireless networks appear in the network options. The list is not empty, but rather, non - existent, as if there is something wrong with the wi-fi hardware or whatever. Wired connections work perfect. I run a fairly recent netgear router, and it works perfect with every other computer.

    Any ideas of what to do? The only thing I can think of is to change over to 12.04 and try that.

    Thanks for any help. And I apologize if this is a topic some else already brought up. If that is the case please link me to that thread, thanks.

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    Re: Macbook Pro Duel Boot No Wireless Connections 12.10

    This thread may well help you.

    Hope this works for you.
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