I did a 'normal' update, and after rebooting several applications have lost data and can't find working directories. I can see the list of recent updates, but cannot 'undo' them. I can't even capture a list of them for posting here. I will list a few.

How can I 'fix' these updates?

Nautilus (3.5.90.really.3.4.2-0ubuntu4, 3.5.90.really.3.4.2-0ubuntu4.1)
python3-distupgrade (0.190.4, 0.190.5)
and a bunch more for Python

sabnzbdplus (0,7,7-0ubuntu1^jcfp1-quantal, 0.7.9-0ubuntu1^jcfp1-quantal)
and several more for sabnzbdplus
ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk (0.190.4, 0.190.5)

Also updates for handbrake

software-center (,

The two that are really broken are SabNZBdplus and TransmissionBT. Their working directories can't be found after the reboot of the pc.