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Thread: Second monitor USING USB hdmi adapter UBUNTU12.10

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    Second monitor USING USB hdmi adapter UBUNTU12.10

    Hi all,

    first of all I would like to compliment you on this great forum. I am new here as a registered member, but in the past the forum could already help me a lot of times
    However, this is not the case for my current issue, thats why I decided to register and post my first thread.
    I am using a Dell All-In-One Computer with Ubuntu. The Dell doesnt have any VGA, DVI or HDMI pin, thats why I would like to connect a second monitor using a USB to HDMI adapter. The monitor is from Acer, and the adapter is a terratec connect A1.
    At first, I had Ubuntu 11.4 installed, and I tryed the tips Icould find in the forum:
    - install displaylink
    - create xorg.conf
    but it didnt really work. First, I got a green screen. Later, I managed to get the display on the acer-monitor, but the dell-monitor turned off, so this didnt help me. in between, I got both screens displaying the desktop, but I could only use the acer-monitor, while the dell monitor mirrored the acer-one. But although the mouse could go to the dell-screen, I couldnt use it. And at least, I got the acer-screen working, but the dell-screen only showing an unusable Ubuntu-display.
    After all this pain i read that Ubuntu 12.10 would support displaylink devices easier, and decided to upgrade. Now it is still worse. When I plug in the usb-acer-monitor it does not even turn green.
    Im totally out of breath. Can anyone help me PLEASE?
    If you need any information to help me please let me know!!!
    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Second monitor USING USB hdmi adapter UBUNTU12.10

    Any help please????
    I am so desperate. Meanwhile I`m also willing to go to another Linux-Distribution if it would just work somehow. Any recommendations? I read about Sabayon and Fedora (18, which will be released next week) possibly working with USB-adapters. Has anyone any experience?
    Otherwise I woul really have to go back to Windows :'(

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