Hi there people.
I finaly took my self the time to install ubuntu 12.10 64 bit on my new i7 ivy bridge setup. I have 16Gb of ram.
And thats basicly where the fun stops.
I have never tryed anything like this. The system keep loggin me out.
I started in ubuntu classic but that was insane how many logouts i got like once every 30 - 60 seconds.
Then i installed kubuntu-desktop from apt-get. In kubuntu it seems like things work great if i just dont mouse over anything but the K in the taskbar. All im doing is opening Eclipse, firefox and Calibre for some android beginners development.

My partition setup is as follows:
/boot ext 4 190 mb
linux swap 14.9 GB
/100 GB
/home 190 gb.

Anyone seen this problem before or heard of it. I read some very old ubuntu 10 topics about it but they didnt seem to have a solution.