Have some problem changing hotkeys in Calligra (think I had this problem in others programs to thou). When changing the hotkey, it seems like it has changed. But when I try using the new function assigned to the hotkey, it still uses the old function it was assigned to.

Ex: I try changing the delete key so it should delete the cell without starting to edit the cell (original function), but it still uses the old "delete and edit" (think it's just called remove?) function. If I look at the pop up menu, the "Delete" key is assigned to it thou.

Also, the F2 button used for editing the cell don't do anything. But if I press Ctrl+M, Calligra goes into edit mode. If I look att the assignment, both F2 and Ctrl+M is assigned to "Edit cell", but only Ctrl+M works.

Anyone else have the same issue, or know how to fix this?