This is my first time trying to install Ubuntu, however when I try to install Ubuntu from my live USB I made using LiLi USB creator my screen shuts off. It doesn't just go black but my screens back light just shuts off.

The good news is that I can hear sounds when at the blank screen. It sounds like an exotic chime, but that is it... which leads me to believe it is my graphics card.

I am using a Windows 8 PC to dual boot. Its a core i5 with nvidia 640 optimus graphics.

This is EXACTLY what I do when I turn on my PC.
1. I select F12 which brings me into my boot menu.
2. I select boot from USB (the one I made using LiLi)
3. I am brought to the GRUB screen where I am prompted to select a few options.
4. I select Install Ubuntu
5. It shows a black screen for a few moments before going completely dark. (This is where I hear a chime)
6. I get pissed and Google the hell out of my issue.

I never see a purple screen with a keyboard and a person like many of the other post say you will see. I only see the grub screen.

No matter what option I choose (like try Ubuntu) in grub it goes straight to the blank screen.

Ill preemptively thank you guys for your help, I'm sure that this has been solved somewhere else I just cant seem to find one where ^^^ exactly that happens.