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Thread: Unity on wine

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    Unity on wine

    Hi all,

    First post! I am trying to get the Unity game development environment working on my Lubuntu build.

    First time Linux user and I have to say it has blown me away in a couple of days.

    -way faster and easier than windows without it's hundreds of security updates etc. Honestly, the reason I switched was because my computer was taking 5 minutes to boot and I couldn't find a solution.

    Anyways, every program I really love pretty much has a Linux port - except Unity. If I can get this working I will be a happy camper.

    (I was amazed at how every device was recognized right out of the box. Just one driver I had to find.)

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    Re: Unity on wine

    I would also like to get the web plugin to work so I can view created content.

    I got windows firefox installed with the webplayer plugin and everything loads fine until the last second when I get this error:

    "A newer version of the web player is required, but auto-update download failed".

    I guess the webplayer needs to update but is unable to.


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