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    Quote Originally Posted by cariboo907 View Post
    My feeling is that Sam never really wanted to be the lead compiz developer. When the first version of Unity came out and was based on mutter, Sam planned on stopping work on compiz, and was going to create plugins that worked with it.

    I personally think that his time as the lead compiz developer was pretty tough on him, and from the sound of it, is happy to be done with it.

    I had been following that story since Oneric .. err or since Precise alpha. I think he did his best from what I have experienced at this end of the VT.

    And of course now mentions of KWin. I have a raring install of Kubntu on a system that has a Nvidia graphics card that will only work with Lucid. None of the Unity releases, but, with Kwin I have all the effects of compiz on that old card as I would with a newer model card (or close to it). I just do not understand the demarcation lines as to why Kubuntu Raring will work and Unity Raring will not. I mean to say ... where is the handshaking here.

    Sam did mention something about competitiveness and how he did not want to be a part of that because of fragmentation (I guess) but I think that these kind of arguments brings out the best of the community as a whole.

    My view is that the compiz effects are an excellent 'assistive technology' for the Desktop PC. Compiz has always enhanced the desktop experience with older graphics cards where proprietary OSes could not. I mean, why obsolete a good thing?


    I have to append my comments here concerning Kwin on a certain install. After updating it ripped (nvidia-96) from the repos and now all desktop effects cannot be loaded.

    A sign of the times ??
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