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Thread: LightDM only works on boot and logout, not from suspend

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    LightDM only works on boot and logout, not from suspend

    I've been running 12.10 for a while but only recently realized that it was using GDM as the default display manager when I couldn't get the login screen to change backgrounds. I then managed to set LightDM as the default and edit it to what I wanted. When I boot or restart I get the LightDM with unity-greeter as I expect, but if the session suspends when I go to wake it I get a different login screen (same background but different box for password/switch user). This is probably related to the fact that I set up Cinnamon as the DE after setting up LightDM. The computer never suspended between doing those two things so I don't know if LightDM would have worked properly on suspend before I installed Cinnamon. One last comment is that I used Linux Mint for a long time and the login from suspend looks exactly like the one I was used to seeing in Mint. I do not have MDM installed. Any help would be appreciated, sorry for the long post.

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    Re: LightDM only works on boot and logout, not from suspend

    A little clarification.
    When I boot up or log out/in I get essentially this screen (which is what I want):

    But when the computer is idle and suspends or I choose to suspend session, when I go to log in again I get this:

    I do not think I have MDM installed. When I run dpkg-reconfigure lightdm it only shows lightdm and gdm as options. Again, any help is appreciated.

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