Well, December 21 came and went with little fanfare. When the dust settled, the world didn’t end and the Fuduntu Team was told that they did, in fact, have to finish the 2013.1 release. So, after realizing that they weren’t going to get out of work, the team put their collective noses to the grindstone and are now proud to present Fuduntu 2013.1, the first quarterly release of the new year!
Okay, so the team has actually been working on this release for some time now, and quite a few things have happened since 2012.4. As always, existing Fuduntu users will have already rolled up to 2013.1 by this time, as all of the updates have been released to the stable repository. Now, let’s get started on the news!

- http://www.fuduntu.org/blog/2013/01/...013-1-release/


We've spent the last few months tweaking, tuning, and improving what we believe to be the best Desktop focused distro available. We are authorized to distribute Steam, we've integrated Netflix, and now support driver installation via Jockey and Bumblebee! Better yet - that's not all, there is a lot more, take a look at our release notes for a list.

Hope you enjoy it!