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Thread: Two Grubs- Confusing

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    Two Grubs- Confusing

    I have both Precise and Quantal installed on separate partitions on same HDD.

    While installing Quantal, in my forgetfulness I let it install Grub. No issues so far. Machine works fine.

    However, whenever there is Grub version upgrade on either versions of Ubuntu or if I run update-grub in either the Grub gets replaced by the version where the upgrade or update happened.

    Let me be more clear. When I run update-grub in Precise I get the Grub from Precise and when I update-grub in Quantal I get Quantal-grub. Both work fine and no issues in performance. It just that it is an inconvenience. (I have my favourite Wallpaper set as background in one. And offcourse my default OS keeps changing accordingly).

    I would like to REMOVE one grub completely, say from Precise. How do I go about it?

    Can I just run :

    $ sudo apt-get remove grub

    Or is there more to it?

    I was also thinking of keeping 'em both and configuring them both alike... not sure if this will cause any problems in the future.

    Confirmation and Advice needed.

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