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Thread: 12.04 Unity search and find files question

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    12.04 Unity search and find files question

    I can open the HUD and search for some files I have stored by name, but there is no path information to let me know where my file is in the system. I would like to be able to go looking around the immediate vicinity for other related files.

    A new approach to renaming these files will help me in the future because the files are generated by the recorder in serial-numbered order. I just append the subject-related name after the serial number, and at least I now have a record of which recording came first.

    Question for the forum is how I may obtain more related information besides the icon and its name?
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    Re: 12.04 Unity search and find files question

    On Ubuntu 12.10, you can right-click anything displayed in the Dash to open a preview, which includes more information. I don't know if the file path is displayed, though.
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    Re: 12.04 Unity search and find files question

    One suggestion ..

    If you install Recoll from Ubuntu Software Centre ..

    allow Recoll to index all your files

    then search .. for key words

    Right click on Open link

    > Preview .. you have the file path
    > Preview parent Document/Folder .. takes you to the file location

    [Later edit]

    Actually file paths are shown in Query Results window.
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