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Thread: How old is your main home PC in 2013

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    I have a custom built computer that I put together myself. In 2008. It was a gaming computer now it's my home computer

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Around 4 year old 1st gen Intel Atom system here. But since it is designed to be slow, performance is like an 8 year old computer.

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    My laptop is 4 years old, and my pc 6 years. And I must say the switch from windows to Ubuntu about 7 years ago definately contributed to this as it just doesn't seem to get as slow over time compared to windows computers.

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    This is really tough one for me to answer, because I keep doing upgrades and partial rebuilds, although I went with 4 years per the instructions.

    The MOBO/CPU/RAM are all about 4 years old
    The video card and PSU are about 5
    The case is about 8
    The 1TB drive with /home on it is about 3
    The 160gb drive with / on it 5 years. Before that I was still using the 40GB WD that came with a gateway I bought way back in '99. 9 years for a HDD is pretty good if you ask me.
    The DVD burner is 6 or so
    The WiFi is only a year

    I do have to say, I've been seriously considering upgrading again too. I'd really like to get one of the 8-core AMD's (which means new mobo, ram and psu of course) to speed up my DVD-mkv transcodes and processing raw camera files. I've also been seriously considering a new video card for Skyrim. It's such a shame to play that game with textures at medium and everything else at low, but that's all my GeForce 9800GT can handle.
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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Self-assembled mine last summer. It's in my sig, SSD isn't mentioned but it's 240GB Intel 520. The previous one I built in late 2008, now using it as a router and VMWare/file server.

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    I literally just built a small form factor PC and came back to Ubuntu. Last time I used Ubuntu was in the 9.x days. Wow, I'm loving how polished it looks! I'm glad to be back.

    New build:
    AMD A10 5800k
    Biostar Hi-Fi A85S3
    Kingston Hyper X 1866 8GB
    Hitachi 750GB HDD (I should get an SSD soon for OS only)
    Xion xon-720p slim case

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    It should be 4.5 years old, 5 in june. Then the motherboard just gave up. So now I have a new rig.
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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by lykwydchykyn View Post
    Glad to see you're still rocking the classic hardware.
    I used to rock a PII, but decommissioned it on my 20th birthday, in place of an HP dc5750 ( ).
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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Just recently gave my 7 year old IBM to our nephews daughter and got me a new Lenova . What a difference !!

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    Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Mine is was built earlier this year, but out of 5 year old parts cause I'm cheap and it was unexpected. I just originally wanted a CPU upgrade and ended up replacing the entire core components due to reasons.

    Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHz
    4GB G.Skilz DDR2 800MHz
    Intel DG41RQ Motherboard
    Nvidia Quadro 600 Graphics
    Creative Labs XF-I xTreme Gamer Audio
    2x320GB WD Caviar HD's non-raid
    Fractal Designs Core 1000 Case
    Ultra 450W PSU
    Lite-On SATA CD/DVD-RW Drive
    Logitec Z313 Speakers
    Samsung T220 Monitor
    Logitec K and M 120 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    It runs great and is powerful. It has a few more years left on it before I have to upgrade to keep up.

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