Last year, I started a poll to see the age distribution of "primary" PC's on this forum.

These are the rules:
1)Use your primary PC for home use, be it a laptop, desktop, Linux, BSD, mac or otherwise.
2) If you tend to upgrade and replace components on your pc, just use the age of the motherboard.
3) If you don't have a home PC, just use the one you're voting from or the one you use the most frequently.

The "old" (2012) poll can be seen here: (please refrain from voting in it, you can see it for yourself once the old poll has been closed by a mod)
BTW, could a mod please close the old poll, so people can see the old results without voting?

I thought it would be interesting to see any variation this year. In the old poll, there was a noticible dip at the 2-year level and I'm interested to see, for example, if that has moved to the 3-year level.

The results showed a quick dropoff after 5 or 6 years but for some reason, there were a lot of votes for "8 years or older".

I'm also interested to see if the average age has changed by much. In the old poll, it comes to about 4.3 years, assuming an average age of 10 years for the votes for "older than 8".