I have Virtualbox installed on a Ubuntu 12.04.2 when running guest Vm's full screen (windows or linux with guest additions) installed or without, if I swap between multiple virtual desktops or EXPO I believe its called, I basically get a zoom effect which makes it appear like the same image is flickering smaller and smaller. This causes the VM's to either stop responding or require a reboot to get graphics back.

I'm fairly new to these forms if I can provide extra info or detailed logs please let me know, i am fairly good with Ubuntu and command line and troubleshooting but I'm stuck on this one. I have tried updating my Nvidia graphics driver to the latest. All General Ubuntu patches are applied and I have the latest version of Virtualbox and tool as of 23/4/2013. I have also tried removing Virtualbox clearing the Ubuntu repo's and configs and reinstalling it. I also sent a bug report to Nvidia fourms but never had any response.