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Thread: audacious, jack and qjackctl

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    Question audacious, jack and qjackctl

    I use audacious to play music at my parties. Recently my EMU 0404 died, so I am trying to switch over to an Echo Audiofire 2 I have sitting around.

    The configuration I am trying to achieve is

    Audacious --> Jamin --> Audiofire channels 1 and 2

    I wasn't using Jamin before, but having a multiband compressor and a limiter would help me a lot. Also, I'd like to use the headphone output to preselect tracks, so I need to just use 2 channels on the Audiofire for Audacious.

    I actually have this configuration working, using the audacious jack output plugin. My issue is that on every song change, audacious disconnects from Jamin. Then depending on how I set the port_connection_mode parameter in the audacious config file to, it connects promiscuously to all the physical output ports (CONNECT_ALL, the default), or just 2 ports (CONNECT_OUTPUT), or none at all (CONNECT_NONE).

    I understand that the qjackctl patchbay widget is supposed to make connections persistent, but for some reason when audacious starts a new track, it does not reconnect audacious to Jamin as I would expect.

    What am I doing wrong here?
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    Re: audacious, jack and qjackctl

    Hi. So sorry, but the only suggestion I can make is to have a look at Mixxx, probably the most comfortable program to use with jack at parties.
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