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Thread: Printer Oki C321dn for ubuntu?

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    Printer Oki C321dn for ubuntu?

    Hello everyone,

    I intend to buy a new laserprinter, and got good reviews about the OKI C321dn. It's a PCL/PS printer, and oki offers a PPD File for download, but in all the documentation it says its Win/Mac only.
    Google didn't find anything about C321dn and linux.

    I hope, that I can use this printer in ubuntu, but would be happy, if someone could confirm that.


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    Re: Printer Oki C321dn for ubuntu?

    Just for other that might have the same question: I bought the printer, and it worked well over both USB and Network with Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10 and 12.04.

    The only problem I had was configuring the printer over ethernet with the ubuntu-printer-setup, since I always got "server-error internal-error"
    However, using cups on http://localhost:631 made the setup quite easy, and it works fine now


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