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Thread: Lynx update and then upgrade to Ubuntu 12

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    Re: Lynx update and then upgrade to Ubuntu 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck_N View Post
    .....the output includes a dozen folders and a few more files.....
    The output should be 1 single md5 sum for the file you checked, what does that mean ?
    I gave you a drag and drop method to save you some typing, weird as it may seem, it works. Impavidus has given the full command, substitute the correct path. The copying to a text file was for easy manual comparison with the source md5, that's all.

    Edit: to clarify after re-reading post 18. When you download an iso from the net also source and copy the md5 checksum published with it. This is what you compare to the one for the downloaded file you checked in terminal.

    Here is a list of md5 hashes for Ubuntu,
    Your installers hash will be in there for comparison.
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