Dear staff.
I would like to report KiwiNZ for abuse of power.
In the Ubuntu Phone OS thread (

I was just posting my opinion regarding the concept (seeing as it's a forum topic and it's open for discussion) - and I did so without name calling or any form of insults towards anyone.

Instead of arguing against the points I make (which mind you, some others did and we had a nice discussion from it)
KiwiNZ starts to insult me, be rude towards me, harass me and now finally red flag me. He starts off by bashing me, by completely ignoring every argument I lay forward in my post and belittles me by trying to tell me I'm some kind of FUD troll that should just simply remain silent.

The worst part of it all was, that not only did he insult me, he made it "OK" for others to do so to. The user dannyboy79 continues the "your negative attitude is not welcome anywhere here on the boards" kind of harassment in a post straight after KiwiNZ insult. And let's face it, if a forum moderator indulges in such behavior it clearly sends a signal that it's fair play right?

Anyhow, deeply offended, I made this post ->
Quote Originally Posted by fontis
@KiWiNZ and @dannyboy79

Seriously, I'm finding your attitude very rude. I don't appreciate the name calling and I would very much appreciate it if you could show the level of maturity needed to refrain from such behavior. After all, if tables were turned and I was to refer to you using those words I would be receiving inbox warnings with messages regarding infractions and what not.

I'm entitled to my opinion, just as you are entitled to yours. And this is the first thread regarding this, and I simply stated my views on this objectively. Now, you could try to discuss and argue against the points I make instead of referring to ad homs, especially since you're supposed to be a forum moderator as well.

I don't criticize your right to love the idea. What gives you the right to criticize my right to raise concerns? I'm not forcing you to agree with me.
And then I go to bed. I woke up this morning and I see this lovely message in my inbox from KiwiNZ saying I've received a red flag worth 10 points for "insulting staff".

I feel deeply insulted by this behavior. I mean insulted staff? REALLY? I'm being bashed. I make a post asking them to stop and I get flagged for insulting staff? From the same guy who was harassing me and whom I asked to stop doing so?