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Thread: Crashed gnome 2 Windows Can't be Moved / Look Wrong?

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    Crashed gnome 2 Windows Can't be Moved / Look Wrong?

    Hi All,

    My server crashed this weekend and my X Windows gnome 2 is acting extremely strange in freenx. Applications are no longer moveable and where there should be an application title bar, there is a whited out menu. I believe the windows are only unmovable in a Freenx session, but then again, I can't tell for sure. My VNC isn't working either since the crash. When it did work 1 time, I don't recall experiencing these issues.

    Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:


    The screenshot is from a fresh user account I recently created. For my old account, I deleted a bunch of gnome cache files in the /tmp direct along with in my user's home directory. .gnome gnome2 and other folders.

    Any idea what I could do to begin trying to fix this?
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