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Thread: KDE Trinity messed up

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    KDE Trinity messed up


    I installed KDE Trinity.Everyting was fine untill I tried to install lubuntu-desktop.When I tried to install it it gave unmet dependencies error.While I was triying to solve it,I accidently deleted some packages of trinity.I couldn't install lubuntu,thought.After that,I re-installed trinity.Everyting was fine except mounting file systems. Normally in konqueror,When I double-click to file systems It was mounting it automaticly.But this time it wasn't.It gave me this error:

    Then I removed it.Interestingly Trinity was still there.And I was able to log in.More interestingly it showed me Trinity-Kde splash screen.(Normally it wasn't showing).Panel was empty.Then I tried to mount file system.It gave me same error.Then I re-installed it.This time splash screen was blocky colors.Panel was empty as well as too.And mount problem was still there.

    I tried to remove trinity with purge and remove.They didn't solve my problem.I tried everything.I really don't now what to do.
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    Re: KDE Trinity messed up

    It sounds like you deleted some essential files. Back up your data, reinstall Kubuntu.


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