Seriously, I've been having some really weird problems setting up network LAN games on Minetest and VBA through WINE. I have no issues hosting a LAN game for Urban Terror, playing games on Hamachi with the Haguichi GUI, or in general joining a server in online games of any kind.

However, with Minetest, joining players get continuously kicked when attempting to connect to my server, and on VBALink, I'm getting the 11001 error, "no such host is known" or "Host is not found". Tried it on Hamachi too and still the same exact issues; it galled me to no end when that didn't work! The best I can figure is that this an issue on the OS's end.

I've Googled and Googled this one, but no luck. Is the fact that I'm hosting on Wireless LAN causing problems? I've tried both the basic local IP, the wireless IP, and the modem's own IP address. My head hurts trying to comprehend why this is screwing up. Has anyone bumped into this problem before and discovered the root of the problem?

Btw, neither laptop in this case is using Windows, just good ol' Ubuntu with XFCE installed. This problem makes absolutely no sense and shouldn't be happening. There has to be a logical solution.