The Memtest86+ version built in to the Lubuntu install media for 12.10 x64 always gives me tons of errors when I run test 7 on any machine. I downloaded the version from Memtest86+'s website and it works as expected.

I just installed Lubuntu again and the version on the hard drive, in the Grub boot menu, is doing the same thing. I assume it was copied on during installation from the version built in to the OS.

Both times I saw this issue has been on Intel based machines (one Nehalem, and one Sandybridge). Originally I thought the problem was the motherboard on the Sandybridge as it happened with multiple DIMMs and CPUs, but replacing the motherboard didn't fix the problem. Only using a different source for the application did.

Has anyone else seen this? And where do I file the bug? All the suggested components looked very desktop'y.