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Thread: connect CLC to internet

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    connect CLC to internet

    hi everybody
    i try to build private cloud using UEC with eucalyptus cd install i implemented in two mechine one contain CLC,SC,CC,Walrus and the other contain node controller i am using ubuntu 11.04 LTS eucalyptus 2.02 version

    The networking in cloud implemented with two networks – private and public. The public network would be accessible to users and administrators from the “outside world”, and the private network is reserved for the backend communication, and is private for the cloud(between NCs and CLC mechine)
    my problem is the two mechine(i m using 2 labtop) have one NIC eth0 its ok for node because i need one interface for private network but the problem is with CLC mechine need 2 interface eth0 (used with public)and eth1( used with private to communicate with node)
    the other problem is how to bring internet connection to CLC mechine as i follow UEC guide it shoud assign a static ip addres to eth0 which is the ip address of cloud but i cant used static addres because i cant get internet connection in this case .

    i got internet connection from my ISP through LAN local area connection and set a VPN with user name a passward that ISP gave me and use dhcp so i dont have a static ip address , this is on my other labtop which i used it to coonect to internet .

    so how i can implement clc in mechine with one NIC , and how i can bring intetnet access to it . what shoud i do

    sorry for long description please help me
    thank you in advance
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